Heimat: Noun, feminine 

A place where you feel at home. 


Heimat is not only our home but also the environment in which we find ourselves. For many people, it is feelings such as security, warmth, comfort, and love. It is not always important where you come from, but where you feel comfortable. 


We have made it our business to find and share the best places on the Canary Islands. It doesn't matter if you would like to discover the island, find a vocational home, just need a change of wallpaper, are looking for a new apartment, or if you have decided to emigrate: We will awaken your sense of home. 

Furthermore, Hola Heimat offers a selection of the best spots, places, restaurants, bars, cafes, activities, and much more. 


And what does Heimat mean to you?


Hola Heimat was founded to share the magnificent beauty of the Canary Islands with the world. We understand that finding the perfect place that feels like home isn't always easy. Nevertheless, the glorious nature of the islands makes it easy to fall in love with. We are dedicated to sharing the best places in order to create long-lasting memories.

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Nadine Wagner



Jose Santana